is an artist, author, and poet.
Her favourite medium being #aesthetics, she works as a freelancer and  manages Instagram for small businesses to put bread on the table.

She graduated in 2019 from the Ontario College of Art & Design University
with a drawing & painting major and a minor in Creative Writing. 

Author of Caterpillar Portraits, she writes to the childlike hearts of hungry & sensitive readers using unique metaphors to speak to/question the human condition & search for truth.

Having recently moved to Chicago, she is currently preparing to launch a YouTube channel, start a small line of cardboard jewelry, and produce a series of zines that come with food & seeds.

Current books Joyce is currently working on:

The Story of Onion.

(a picture book about dealing with poverty, bullying, & selfcare).

The Girl with Blue Hands.

(a graphic novel about a Korean girl with blue hands that heavily features biblical, fairy-tale, and Freudian undertones to tell a personal testimony)



(b. 1995, Vancouver) 
224.507.4378 | | 2065 Half Day Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015, USA

Chicago based Artist & Author, with works in oil, acrylic, paper mache, and wood.
At home in Canada, Korea, China & now in the United States. 


Ontario College of Art & Design University, BFA Drawing & Painting, Creative Writing Minor, Canada. 2019 

Mississauga Valley School of Art, Mississauga, ON. Canada. 2014 

Earth and Fire Ceramic Studios, Gyeonggido. Korea. 2004 


2019 “Art in a Box,” Gallery 1313, Toronto

2018 “Look Inside,” Toronto

2018 “Carpos Collective Debut Launch,” Toronto

2018 “Curious Glimmers – WIAprojects at OISE,” Toronto 

2017 “Animal Kingdom: Art Exhibition – Artusiasm,” Toronto 

2017 “Landon Abram EP Release!,” Mississauga 

2017 “Third-Year Gorilla Open Studio Exhibition,” Toronto 

2016 “Stress & Scripture,” Solo Show. Oct 2016 – Jan 2017. Toronto

2016 “You Are Here,” Toronto

2015 “52 Cards Art Show,” Toronto 

2014 “Celebration of First Year,” Toronto 


2017 Social Media Manager, Carpos Collective. Ontario, Canada. – Present

2017 Social Media Manager, CJ Beauty Supply. Ontario, Canada. – Present

2017 Assistant, Paint Nite . Ontario, Canada. 2018 

2015 Arts and Crafts Teacher, ACE (Art, Character, English Class). Jilin, China. 2016

2015 Art Teacher, YMD Yanbian Beacon Graphic Design Ltd. Jilin, China. 2015 

2013 Editor, YMD Limited (Quarterly Newsletter). China & Canada. – Present

2011 “R3Gen” Newsletter Chief Designer, GMC EM. Gyeonggido, Korea. 2012 

2008 Arts and Crafts Teacher, Hope Angel Home, Gyeonggido, Korea. 2011 

2007 Youth Ministry Photographer, GMC EM. Gyeonggido, Korea. 2012 

2004 Children’s Ministry Photographer, GMC EM. Gyeonggido, Korea. 2007 


Anna’s Hummingbird 1 & 2. Private collection, North York, CANADA. Gifted 2019

Her Daughter Marzipan & Son, PD. Private collection, Mississauga, CANADA. Donated 2018

Cream Halmeonee. Private collection, Mississauga, CANADA. Donated 2017

Marks of Mark. Private collection, Toronto, CANADA. Acquired 2016

Broken Vessel. Private collection, Toronto, CANADA. Acquired 2016

Seaweed Sister. Private collection, Yanji, Jilin, CHINA. Donated 2014

Daffodils. Private collection, Seoul, KOREA. Donated 2014

Private collection, New York, UNITED STATES. Donated 2014


2018 "Caterpillar Portraits" – Penrose Press. Ontario, Canada. (First edition published in 2017)

2017 “Burnt Cream”: “Cream Dongseng” & “Cream Halmeonee” –  Project40 LooseLeaf Vol. 4.


2019 “The Sensitives.” (Week-Long Interactive Film & Body Paint Performance) Toronto

2019 “The Story of the Sensitives.” (Aerial Silks Performance) Toronto

2019 The CW BFA Welcome Reading. (Reading)

2018 “Carpos Collective Launch.”: The Story of Onion. (Reading) Toronto

2018 “Blakeley Fundraiser.” (Performance) Toronto.

2018 “Blakeley Bash.” (Performance) Toronto.

2017 “Loose Leaf Magazine Volume 4 Launch” – (Reading)  P40 Collective. Toronto

2017 “Caterpillar Portraits Book Launch.” – (Reading) Penrose Press. Toronto

2017 “She Was Weeding Her Head.” – (Filmed Public Performance). Toronto

2017 “Texthibit” – OCADU LZ. (Performance) Toronto

2016 “Mythic Poem Performance.” – (Filmed Private Performance). Toronto

2016 “You Are Here.”: Poetry Night at the LZ – (Filmed Private Performance). Toronto


2016 Curator, “TCM Kids Art Exhibition” Ontario, Canada



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